Company Vision
DRS Disaster Response Systems Pvt. Ltd. is dedicated to alleviating the pain and suffering of the people of India in times of disaster.  Whether the disaster is small in magnitude (such as a bus or train crash), or large (such as a natural disaster or a large-scale terrorist event), the result is always the same – physical and emotional injury to victims and their families.  Although planning is an important component of disaster management, without the right equipment and training, the results of a disaster can be devastating in the short term and the long term.  It brings us much satisfaction to know that our company will bring comfort and hope to those directly impacted by disasters.

Daniel Mack, the Chairman and Managing Director of DRS Disaster Response Systems Pvt. Ltd., has over 30 years of experience in emergency medical and fire services, working as a field responder, a product developer, and an instructor.  He is also the founder and owner of Disaster Response Solutions, Inc. in the Unites States.  Disaster Response Solutions produces high quality mobile supply caches and specialized equipment for responding to mass casualty events and other disasters.  Mr. Mack and key management personnel of DRS in the U.S. also have experience both as end-users of their products and equipment, and as designers of equipment customized to meet the varied needs of our customers.  This unique mix of practical and design experience has made DRS an industry leader in the United States, recognized for its innovation, quality products, and customer service. 

Our desire is to bring the knowledge, expertise, and experience of the personnel of Disaster Response Solutions, Inc. to India through DRS Disaster Response Systems Pvt. Ltd.  We will offer the same high quality products and services to our customers in India.  We will maintain the same business philosophy of designing our products to meet the unique mission needs of our customers.  DRS Disaster Response Systems Pvt. Ltd . is committed to using Indian components and labor, thereby supporting the local economy as well.  In the current world economic climate, we believe it is important that tax monies collected from the citizens of India benefit its people in the form of enhanced preparedness to respond to disasters and other emergencies, and by creating local jobs in India.

Disaster Response Systems, Pvt. Ltd.
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